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27/07/2011 23:56:08

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First of all we must say that you made the right decision - service Inspire Your Device provides services for unlock 2g/3g modems for a long time and have unlocked more than enough of these devices. We are not engaged in resale, acquiring and using another software dongles - all software is written by our programmers! Therefore our prices are attractive for end users - we do not depend on anybody else. That's why you will not find our ads on many popular forums - their moderators, who are often the resellers, just do not let us go: delete positive users messages, our messages, because the topics we make them a danger to the resale business
The main task that we set when developing the service - it's easy. That is why the essence to unlock in two buttons - identify your modem and click unlock. But in the process to create the service has surfaced more "buttons". To do this, we decided to write this instruction.

Now, about all one by one.
1. First you will need a program (also called the client Inspire) that connect directly to your modem and will make the process of unlocking. You can download on this link.

2. Having an installer client on your computer - run it and install

3. Before running a client, make sure that the modem is connected to the computer and close all programs that can use it (it is easier and better to close all programs)

4. Run the client, and then click "Detect":

5. The modem should be determined and show your firmware version, build time and IMEI. For example:

ZTE device detected on COM4
FW type: BD_BLNUAP671A1V1.0.0B03
Com time: Mar 08 2010 10:52:38
Rel time: Mar 04 2010 11:00:00
IMEI: 359518035790615
Time elapsed: 00:01

6. After that, you should have a button "Unlock device". Click it:

7. That's where the fun begins. In order to weed out unscrupulous users, we were forced to do authorization. To do this you need to get a login and password that match and here on the forum and the main site and the program. To get them go here

8. If after login you will see the plan:
Not enough credits for this request! You have: Х credits, but need: Y Please, fill up your credit balance.

operation means that you have to make a fee, it costs X credits, and it needs to fund your account in our system, the so-called credits.
Credit - this symbol. Estimated price for 1 credit = 1 USD. To buy credits you need to login and enter the corresponding menu item "Credits" for purchase.

9. Once you fill up your balance for the commission fee operation, or if you have a free operation, when you click "Unlock modem" button your modem will be unlocked over time:

10. That's all! Now your modem will "eat" cards of any operatorwink Congratulations!

After all this, you can begin to "decorate" your modem is different dashboard and other thingswink

Recall that in our system you can wean many modems from a variety of operators. Including the operator Kyivstar, MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Life, T-Mobile, Era, Orange, Play, O2, Vodafone, Cosmote, Q-Telecom, OSMP, Alltel, AT & T Mobility, Cingular, Dobson, Nextel, Verizon, Chunghwa, Fareastone, Three, Taiwan and many others!

The entire list of device models see on the home page.

Good luck! For any questions please contact us or leave your messages here on the forum.

Sincerely, Inspire Your Device Team
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Home » Статьи » How to unlock 3g modem using Inspire Your Device

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